Rise of the Blood Lord

Session 1: Kobolds, Kobolds, Kobolds...

Too Many Kobolds in Winterhaven

The three unlikely adventurers have been tipped off by Sister Marla of the Great Church of Pelor that there has been death cultist activities going on in and around the small town of Winterhaven, which is being ran by a dark priest named Kalarel. Sir Arathor, sworn to vanquish evil forces such as these, immediately begins his journey to the small village. Ragnarell, out to prove to the world that he is the Greatest Swordsman ever, joins forces with him as well, believing it to be a perfect chance to show off his combat prowess. Tahli, ever the curious gnome, decides it would be a fantastic journey and a great way to find treasure for the League of Extraordinary Dwarven Explorers. Sister Marla informs the group to meet with her informant, Father Kessler, the elven cleric of Kord, who’s currently stationed in Winterhaven.

On the King’s Road, only a few miles away from the village, the band is attacked by a group of Kobold brigands. However, they pose absolutely no threat and are quickly dispatched within only a few seconds of combat. Ragnarell states that defeating kobolds is the second greatest thing he does, right behind swordplay. That couldn’t be more true.

The town guards quickly escort the group to Father Kessler. The cleric is all business, and immediately informs the group of the situation, and that he has located a band of cultists on the outskirts of town, their cause unknown. Before setting out, the group rests for a spell at the inn, and begin their trek first thing in the morning.

Once again on the old King’s Road, another group of mischievous kobolds attempt a surprise attack on the group. However, this time a bit more prepared than the last, Sir Arathor sends out his Raven familiar to scout the area, easily giving away the hiding kobold’s locations. This time there is a more powerful spell caster in their ranks, however even with that, the kobolds still can’t seem to dent the group’s defenses, and now with the holy power of Kessler on their side, it made the tide of victory go that much further into their favor. Ragnarell stunned the Kobold Wyrm Priest, with hopes that Arathor can interrogate it. However, after a Comprehend Draconic Language ritual by Tahli, they were quick to learn that this kobold is keeping his mouth shout no matter what. The group ended its miserable life shortly after.

As the group continued on the trail to the cultists, Kessler’s instinctive perception saw kobold tracks leading off the road. The group figured Winterhaven could use some help with these mischievous menaces, and followed the tracks in hopes that they could find a base of their operations. Surely there might be some kind of reward involved for their deaths too, of course.

It wasn’t long until they found a stream leading to a waterfall cave. There were plenty of kobolds guarding the place, but Tahli, with her advanced intellect, came up with the plan to use a diversion to lead a small pack of the kobolds away from the others. She managed to move a few of them away using a ghost sound spell to emulate the voice of a kobold screaming for help, and that intruders are closing in on them. The odds still didn’t look any closer into their favor against the brigade.

They had no choice but to launch a full frontal assault on the buggers. The group charged in, and with their diverse abilities, were somehow able to confront and defeat the kobolds and emerge victorious. It was a surprise to everyone, when no one, even the reckless Ragnarell, only came out of the encounter with a few bruises. Surely luck was on their side.

After a short rest, the four adventurers enter the cave behind the waterfall. The kobolds are already in attack formation, ready for the group. And this time around, the amount of little draconic humanoids was even larger than the last, however at this point the heroes have managed to realize that they pose absolutely no threat to them, despite how large their numbers seem to get. Ragnarell manages to strike down a great many of them, while Arathor holds the frontline and keeps the monsters away from Tahli, as she controls the battlefield with the Phantom Chasm spell, and a great many uses of her Beguiling Strands. Arathor holds the line right in front of the zone as Tahli pushes them out of it, constantly forcing them to fall to their feet in horror as they try to rush the infernal knight.

Eventually, a double-axe wielding goblin named Irontooth emerges from the darker depths of the cave. Perhaps the goblin over-estimated his abilities, or underestimated his targets. He stood absolutely no chance as the group cornered him into a wall and just wailed on him until death.

After the long battle, they reap the spoils of war. Irontooth possessed a key on his corpse, which opened up a chest containing a magical set of Dwarven Plate Armor, that Sir Arathor donned. They also found on his corpse a rolled up parchment, a letter written from none other than Kalarel himself, stating that there is a spy in Winterhaven, and that he is pleased with Irontooth’s performance with keeping Winterhaven busy with the kobolds.

Little does Kalarel know, he’ll have to do better to put a stop to our heroes. A lot better.

Total Sessions Exp: 763 per PC
Total Currency Found: 105 GP per PC
Magic Items Found: Dwarven Plate +1



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