Prothius Thelradre

The flashing blade


Prothius Thelradre
Class: Slayer
Race: Elf
Level: 2
Alignment: Good
Ht: 5’11", Wgt: 170 lbs

STR: 18
Athletics: 10

CON: 10
Endurance: 6

DEX: 16
Acrobatics: 4
Stealth: 4
Thievery: 4

INT: 8
Arcana: -1
History: -1
Religion: -1

WIS: 13
Dungeoneering: 2
Heal: 2
Insight: 2
Nature: 4
Perception: 9

CHA: 10
Bluff: 1
Diplomacy: 1
Intimidate: 1
Streetwise: 1

Initiative: +4, Speed: 6

AC: 18
Fort: 18
Ref: 15
Will: 13

HP: 31/15/7 SPD: 9

Fullblade Attack: +10
Fullblade Damage: 1d12 + 7

At-Will Stances: Poised Assault: +1 pow bonus to hit, Mobile Blade: Move Dex mod after hit

Encounter Exploit: Power Strike: Add 1[w] to successful hit, Sudden Sprint: Minor action to move speed and end move adjacent to enemy

Racial Encounter Power: Heroic Effort: Add +4 to attack or saving throw

Feats: Weapon Prof: Fullblade, Heavy Blade Expertise

Gear: Fullblade, Scale Armor, Adventurer’s Kit, Javelins (5), Amulet of Health +1


Personality: Oblivious, carefree, easy going, flirtatious, caring, dim-witted, lives in the moment, stubborn

Past Life: Prothius lived amongst the Wood Elf clan of the Scattered Leaf for most of his life, however his wanderlust and curious nature forced him to leave the clan and begin to make a life of his own as an adventurer. In his clan, he was known as one of their best swordsmen, so he claims to be one of the greatest in the world. He received the nickname “Flashing Blade” due to his lightning quick strikes, and accuracy, even though he uses a pretty big weapon.

Current Life: Prothius is a wandering mercenary, seeking nothing more than to test his abilities against other opponents. He is on his way to the town of Winterhaven after hearing about a kobold problem, that he knows he can solve. The second best thing he does is defeat kobolds!

Future Goals: To defeat more opponents and prove that he is “THE GREATEST SWORDSMAN IN THE WORLD!”

Prothius Thelradre

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